Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yummy snacks: Gap tooth smiles

If your house is anything like mine you hear, "Mom, I'm hungry!" about every 22 minutes.  Seriously, sometimes I wonder where my girls put all the food they eat.  It would be easy to give them a cookie or snack cake every time they need to refuel, but it would be expensive and then not really healthy. My girls only get cookies and other sugary treats in moderation and even then they usually to meet my 11 grams of sugar threshold. To keep the whining at bay, I am always trying to come up with fun, healthy snacks.
Gap tooth smiles is a snack that we have often mainly because it is easy for me to make and kids love them.  Here is what you need to get this snack going:

Large, red apples (1 or 2 depending on how many kiddos are snackin')
PB (peanut butter)
mini marshmallows (white are best, we had rainbow and I just went with it)

First, slice up the apples.  I use a large onion slicer that I snagged at Wal-Mart a few years ago.  If you can find one they are great for making quick work of apples slices.

Next, spread the peanut butter on 2 apple slices then put a few marshmallows on one side.

Put the two apple slices together to make a "Gap toothed Apple Smile"!

Hand them over to your kiddies and pat yourself on the back for serving up a yummo and healthy snack that your kids have probably devoured by now.

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