Sunday, August 14, 2011

This little light of mine!

I am a regular at Lowe's, I think it is similar to Norm at Cheers...most everybody knows my name.  During the re-do of my bedroom and bathroom I was at Lowe's more than usual.  Picking up materials and supplies, checking out sales and looking for inspiration.  Most women hit the mall when they get a couple hours away from their kiddos, not me, I head to Lowe's.  I LOVE to wander the aisles at Lowe's (no diss to Home Depot, we just don't have one close) just looking and dreaming and planning what I'd like to tackle next.

On one of my frequent trips to Lowe's I learned that in early to mid July they would be doing their annual lighting clearance event with serious discounts.  I floated around the lighting aisle dreaming about the $90 lamps that I was hoping would get the big red sticker, they were perfect for my new bedroom.  I waited....not so patiently for the sale to get closer.  Finally, it arrived but I didn't make it.  I was sick with a weird viral infection that caused extreme vertigo, dizziness and nausea which made it impossible to drive.  My mom offered to take me but I really didn't even like riding in the car, it made me really sick so I passed.  When I finally made it to Lowe's there were a few lights left, mine beloved (who had been marked down to $21) was long gone. *Sniff* Sniff*

The even sadder part was that I wasn't able to find anything I liked for less that $75 each, which was not in my budget.  I knew that I wanted something different but wasn't sure what...So I thought long and hard and walked around Lowe's pondering. Then one, day I saw it:

This simple, $3 outdoor lantern was going to become our new bedside lights.  I quickly picked up the rest of the supplies I needed and headed home to get started.  Saying I was excited would be as much of an understatement as saying Mike "The Situation" is self centered.

Here was the transformation process entailed:
-Using wire cutters and pliers to remove a little piece below the swinging door to accommodate the cord.
-Cursing under my breath for 10 minutes when I cut my finger removing the little piece of metal.
-Using 87 rolls of blue painters tape to cover all the glass and opening.  (Maybe not 87 rolls but it took a while)
-Applying 3 thin, even coats of spray paint.  By the way, when I am spray painting anything I skip the $2 stuff and get the $4-$6 Valspar or Rustoleium..  You should too, all the cool kids are doing it....and it works better!
-Adding a candelabra kit that I bought guessed it, Lowe's.  I paired it with a set of CFL candelabra 60Watt bulbs that I picked up at Lowe's too. I like that they were brighter than a nightlight bulb that I feared I may be stuck with.

After I finished and switched it on the bare glass was WAY to bright! Our bedroom could have been mistaken for an airport landing strip so I needed to rectify that.  I found some craft paper that kind of matched and went with it.  I'm thinking about frosting them at some point.

After, a week or so I decided to hang them on scroll hooks and love the final product:

At, night they are the perfect amount of light so I am in love with them...big time!

Here is the budget breakdown:
2 Lanterns, $3 each
2 Candelabra kits $5.34
Spray Paint $4
2 Scroll Hooks $3.98
Pack CFL light bulbs $5.98
or $17.31 per lamp