Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My bedroom makeover...on the cheap.

A haircut, a decent bottle of wine,  entree at a casual dining restaurant, trip to the movies....what do all these things have in common?  The all cost more that my bedroom makeover which is totaling up to $10 right now...yep, $10!  
So, way back before summer got it's grip on me and never let go I was re-doing my least I was really wanting to.  When I found tile for our bathroom it gave me a little inspiration to get started...I just needed more motivation.  I didn't dislike our bedroom ao I wasn't terribly motivated to re-do was in the "it'd be nice" category.  Here is a look at our previous ho-hum bedroom:
 It was a mission style bed that was orginally a cherry color but I painted it black one well as the rest of our furniture.
Speaking of furniture...we had a lot of it in our room: Queen bed, 2 night stands, dresser, small chest, armoire, and a bench.  It all made our kinda big bedroom feel kinda small! 

I happened to be at a yard sale one day when a friend was buying a queen size sleigh bed set for her daughter...for $250!!  I was beating myself up for not getting there 10 minutes earlier and snagging it myself.  Then she said, "I'm not sure if this will fit in my daughter's room, if not do you want to buy it from me?"  As I tried to contain my glee and optimism I quickly nodded my head, I think I was unable to speak because I was so excited and hoping it wouldn't  fit.  An hour later I got the call: it was mine!  For $250 I got a Broyhill sleigh bed, 6 drawer dresser, nightstand and even a queen pillow top Setra mattress with a new cover.
After muting the phone and squealing like a tween at a Justin Beiber concert I put the wheels in motion for my bedroom makeover.  But first, I needed to get rid of my furniture...a couple for sale ads and few hours later I'd sold it all for $500...yep, I made a profit (but I did sell a lot of pieces). 

Here is a glisme at my new room:

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bed!! Even though it is huge I way way more space in our room.  The bed is really high too so I feel all princess and the pea like every night. 

This is opposite the bed, it is hard to get the scale but that dresser is 65 inches long so it is quite large. Yes, the clothes basket is in the corner....I'm keeping it real.  It is almost always in that corner...that's where it belongs. 

Obviously, there was a BIG color change.  I wanted something more....fresh and bright.  We went with Valspar Cornflower Blue, it was love at first roll.  Well, not really.  I actually have serious paint commitment issues and almost always hate the paint until around day 3.  But, now there is serious love.  And everyone who has seen it loves it too. 

This is in the corner beside the left side of the bed.  I decided to use the nightstand as a little chest instead.  It only had one nightstand and I wasn't really feeling it beside the bed but we could use the extra drawer space so I thought I'd put it somewhere.

One of my favorite new things in the room is this leaning mirror that I got on clearance at Lowe's. It was black but I've never been afraid to paint something if I like it!

One of my other favorite things are these great 10x10 white picture frames that I got at for $13/pair.  The super cute girls in them add to the appeal!
 I decided to go the black and white route.  I love that one of the last things I see everynight (well, every night Teen Mom isn't on) and one of the first things I see every morning is my sweet girls. 

This room is full of details or deets as I like to call them when talking to my husband.  So, I delve into the deets next week.  Possibly tomorrow but I'm going to see Tim McGraw tomorrow and my little country girl heart is all excited and I have a hard time sitting still long.

Here is a budget breakdown of the entire room:
Bed, dresser, nightstand and mattresses $250 at a yard sale (my BEST bargain ever!!!)
Bedding ( more on that later) $69
Pillows, $31, Pier 1
Nightstands, $51
Picture frames, $26
Leaning mirror, $31
Paint, $26
Lamps, $22 (much more on those later!)
Painting, $5
Art above bed that has yet to arrive, $39
I sold previous things from our bedroom for $540, leaving me to cover $10 of the cost.

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  1. I love the bedroom redo! I started following your blog a while back after your blog post. I'm a fellow interior decorating junkie. I redid my bedroom a while back by selling stuff on craigslist as well!