Thursday, May 5, 2011

Get your tile on!

The other day I was at Lowe's getting some white 6x6 tiles for my 4-H club to make trivets for Mother's Day (we did hand prints cut out of cardboard) the process was the same as this fun Christmas gift.  Anyhow, as I was high tailing it to the tile section I passed a box that had glass mosaic tile blends in it, I did a double take when I noticed the price: $4.98 a sheet! Here is a look at the tile that had my heart aflutter:

Ever since my hubby and I tiled our kitchen backsplash last year we have been wanting to do our bathroom.  You can check out our kitchen tile and our actual kitchen here, the company gave us a credit for sending them some pics! Ours is the 6th and 7th pictures.  We loved the company and their product was great, we had hoped to use them to get our bathroom tile but we just couldn't find a tile that I loved, here are two I liked:

As I said, I liked not loved them and at $22 a sqft it would be a lot to put into something I didn't love,  a whopping $615, actually.  Our $100 credit would barely put a dent in it.  I really wanted a 1x2 inch tile for the bathroom to glam it up a bit instead of the 1x1 inch we used in the kitchen.  Lately, my hubs has been bugging me about just picking something,  I had decided to go with the green and do only an 8 inch backsplash instead of the entire area behind the sinks to lower the cost and keep him from having heart failure. 

Anyhow, back to my destined trip to Lowe's...I stopped and checked out the tile closer and knew I was in love! I liked the brown, white, greyish and steely blue color combo and the brick type layout of the tiles.   Feeling pretty sure my better half would agree I calculated how much we'd need to do the 26 sq. ft area behind our sinks.  By the way, that sounds like a lot and makes our bathroom seem HUGE, it isn't.  That area is a little over 5x5.5 feet, about the area most that have a double vanity would have. This tile is an "in and out" item at Lowe's, meaning that they get a set amount and when they are gone their gone.  Not wanting to chance the utter disappointment of buying 1 to show my husband and discovering they we sold out I quickly snapped a pic on my iphone and sent it to my husband's Black Berry with the message: You have about 3 minutes to tell me you hate these before I get to the register.  Side note: when doing a project it always helps to have an idea the dimensions or size of the project in case you run into these special buys!
After almost 9 years of martial bliss and 11 years since our first date I know a few things about my wonderful hubby. 1)  He likes blue which this tile has featured. 2) He is a pretty easy going dude and would typically agree with my design choices unless the words pink, floral or south western were used in the description. 3) He loves me and unless the tiled made him want to vomit he would most likely agree so we can continue our marital bliss.  He was in a meeting and didn't respond to my text within 3 minutes,  but I knew I could return them if necessary.

So my 4 year old and I loaded up the tile we needed and headed up to the check out armed with my 10% off coupon,  I always keep them with me as if they were my third child.  We still have all the tools, adhesive and grout leftover from the last time so we are all set for this project.  I'll also be using the gallon of Chocolate Brown Valspar paint I got out of the "miss mix" section for $4 a few weeks back.  As soon as I find 2 mirrors to put over the sink (don't want to go back to the ugly builder ones) I'll be all set to get this tile project started!
If you want to score your own $5 a sheet tile you can check out some on or swing by your Lowe's, ours had 6 - 8 different colors! I was super pumped to find these babies at online tile store for $14 a sq ft, meaning I saved $8 per sq ft.  
Here are the project cost deets:
27 sheets of tile =$135 - 10% =$121
Grout =free (already had)
Adhesive= free (already had!)

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