Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coasting to Christmas...sorta!

It's official, my family has moved to a snow globe that some pesky kid keeps shaking! It is the 16th day of December, we have had the white stuff falling all but 3 days this month and today we are getting hammered!  My kids have attended school 2.5 of the last 9 days, and are sure to make it 2.5 of 10 tomorrow!  Needless to say, I haven't had time to blog!  I have been too busy dressing and re-dressing kids, barbies and babies, refereeing squabbles and determining whose turn it is to lick the spoon after we make our latest baked treat.  But, I did want to give you an idea for a DIY Christmas gift that you could do this weekend This one is sure to be a hit with Grandmas, Grandpas aunts, uncles...the whole crew! 

Here's what ya need to get going:
- 4 4x4 white tiles from Lowe's (these ring in at about $0.25 a pop)
- 4 pictures, trimmed to fit the tiles
- Mod Podge (you know I love me some Mod Podge!)
- Mod Podge clear acrylic sprat
- Paint brush
-Cork or felt
-Glue gun

This is a super simple craft! After you have trimmed the picture go ahead and slather some mod podge on the back of a picture.  Carefully adhere it to the tile then brush a layer of mod podge on the front.  Repeat for the other 3 tiles. 

After and hour or so apply another thin layer of mod podge and a bit later one more for good measure.  After the final layer is dry you can start the layers of acrylic spray.  Do 4 or 5 thin layers of spray allowing 15 minutes dry time in between. 

In the meantime cut your felt or cork to fit the back of the tile.  Either will work, felt is WAAAAAY cheaper though and happens to be what I used.  When everything is good and dry use you handy dandy glue gun to secure the felt or cork to the tile.  Stand back and behold your awesomeness!!

This set will be in my Mother in Law's gift, those are her 4 darling grandkids.  My mom is getting a set too!  Since my hubby and I were basically teen parents I forget that some of you may not have kiddos to show off. Ok, to clarify, I was 23 and he was 24 but we had only been married 13 months when we welcome our oldest so I feel like we have been parents FOREVER! 
Anyhow, some ideas if you don't have kids would be vacation pics, or pictures from the internet of favorite spots.  You could use word to create a cute monogram for your sister or initials for newlyweds, favorite quotes or bible verses even showcase your favorite sports team...Let's Go Mountaineers!  Sorry, it is a reflex, I hear sports and think WV!
Just have fun!  And the best part is these are cheap-o!  If you have everything but the tiles this project will only set you back a buck!  If you have to buy the spray and mod podge try making multiple sets to lower your total cost per set!   


  1. I'll still act surprised when I get them!!!

  2. I knew you had already saw them...we still have a couple surprises for you!