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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Need a last minute gift?

Ok, raise you hand if your still Christmas shopping?  Whew, both my hands are busy stuffing Christmas goodies in my mouth so luckily I don't need to put any in the air!  But, you over there in the corner with your hand up, you still need a gift?  I've got a super easy one that you can whip up in a jif!
Here are your needed supplies:
-1 white salad plate (scored mine at the Wal-Marts for $2.96)
-Modge Podge
-Scrapebook paper
-a Dry erase marker (look for one with a magnet on the lid)
-Magnet (optional)
Plate stand (any craft store for $2-$5 buck-a roos)

Using Word type "Notes" in a font that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside, print it in your cutesy paper or just a colored paper.  Cut it out in an oval or circle.
Carefully Mod Podge it on your plate and let it dry.
If you go the magnet route adhere it to the back edge of the plate.
Ok, your finished!
Wrap that puppy up, you have given the gift of communication or organization and a cutesy message board!

If you have the paper and mod podge you could easily complete this for less than $10!

Merry Christmas!

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