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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 75% off Target trip

Today I went into the big city, one with more than 1 stop light and a Target! And a Panera Bread, be still my heart.   I didn't have high hopes of finding any good deals since my Wal-Mart was barren of after Christmas deals yesterday.  But was I delightfully surprised!  Here is a quick recap of my visit:
My stomach is always on my mind so of course I started grabbing food!  The Poppycock (in the back) were only $1 each (reg. $3.99), the brownie mix with a wooden spoon was $0.75!! I will use the brownie mix at our church family bingo or give as a thank you with a note about being sweet to someone deserving.

My 4 year old was so confused as to why I was buying wrapping paper, I tried explaining...she just wanted to look at toys. Here were my deals, 5 rolls of wrapping paper at $0.62 (reg. $2.50) each and 2 at $1.25 each (reg. $5). I also scored 3 rolls of tape for less than a buck, 6 shirt boxes for a $1, bows for $0.50 each and two packs of gift tags for $1 each! My wrapping supplies for next year total $9.35!!!

The stockings will be hung with care with our new stocking hangers.  Our old ones were not all. They came from The Dollar Tree 7 years ago before they had kinda cute stuff aaaaannnnddd they were gold.  I hate gold!  So I was on a mission to replace them this year, these cute snowflakes fit the bill, 12/24 they would have rang up at  $25.98 for the set of 4 but today they came home with me for the bargain price of
$6.49!!! Less than the original cost of 1!  I can't wait to use them, no one else in my house was feeling the excitement that I was about these babies, I showed them to the dog and he gave me this look:

Thanks Bo! No on here loves a deal like me...back to the bargains

A little home decor...yah! The Dt. Mtn. Dew was not purchased at Tar-Jay not is it part of this segment, I just have to have one within arms reach to, seriously I do!  See that wreath there, I have long dreamed of  a cute berry wreath but the problem is I'm cheap so I'd never buy one.  Until today when that $20 wreath joined us for 5 smackers.  And yes I know $20 isn't a lot for a wreath but it wasn't on my radar for $20,  $5 works for me.  Those beeeaautiful chrome thingmajigs beside the wreath are actually flowers and planters, they were $2 each!  The planter is super nice and worth more than $2, the flowers are an added bonus.   Let's all cross your green thumb (is that possible) that I don't kill them, I'm not a gardener. Here's a closer look:

Plus, my mom will be happy I have an indoor plant.  Our lack of plants bothers her. Are you happy Mom? 

And now for the Grand Finale!! Drum roll please......

Yep, a dining set! No, not really but I did score the table runner, napkins and napkin rings. Wanna guess how much?  How does $8 sound...yep for all of it! The runner (reg. $19.99) , 8 cloth snowflake napkins (originally $4.99 for 4) and 8 silver napkin rings ($7.99 per set of 4)!!! Woo to the Hoo!! Double bonus, we live in a snowy area so I feel like I'm ok to leave this out through January so I can enjoy it a bit even though I HATE snow! 

Isn't it pretty?? I'm so excited!

So here is my Target total.....$38!!  A few things were 80 - 90% off so it was better than I thought!
Regular price would have been $180
So I saved $142!!!  

Did anyone else score any post Christmas deals?

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  1. Way to go! I walked through Target and found...none of this I'm jealous! You totally scored, and I'm in awe. Way to start the new year (or end this one).