Thursday, December 9, 2010

DIY gifts for the Grandma's....well sorta

My girls are lucky to have two Grandma's who adore them, Quinn, our oldest is the first grandchild on both sides of the family.  My hubs parents had waited awhile for a wee one, although I don't think they expected their youngest child who had been married only 5 months to call and say he would be providing them one! They were over the moon when she arrived 7 and half years ago, our oldest nephew joined the crew just a few months later.  Rounding out the posse on my hubby's side is our Reagan who joined us 4 years ago and Michael the baby at 2.   My girls are still the only offspring in the grandchildren category among my brothers and I. In an effort to chronicle the kids in their early years and give the Grandma's something to show off to their friends I started making photo calendars as Christmas gifts a few years ago. 

5 years into this tradition it is less of a surprise and more of an expectation from both Grandma's.  I joked with my mom that I just didn't have time to do it this year....she didn't all.  She then told me to go to my room and make a calendar and don't come out until it's finished!!  Yes ma'am!! The first year I started doing this there was only one or two places that offered photo calendars, now my email box receives offers from a different company daily. 

I consider this gift to be a DIY sorta  because it does require a couple of hours to sort through the pictures and arrange them in the calendar.  Most places even let you include birthdays, anniversaries or other special events too.  I have used several companies over the years, this year and last I went with Vista Print.  They offer great prices, good quality and quick turn-a-round time...everything I look for.  They are currently offering 50% off!! Woo to the hoo!! By the way, I didn't do the express shipping, I ordered last Monday and received them on just 8 days! At around $8-$15 each they are affordable for everyone too, you usually get a discount for buying more than one too and since we have found that aunts and uncles enjoy them too why not get a few made! 

This is a gift that is truly enjoyed all year and since I know both Grandma's have everyone I've made stashed somewhere they will be enjoyed for years to come!

Here are some of the cuties gracing this year's edition of the Raffo Family Calendar:

Reagan: The elusive rebel

Anthony: The Dare Devil

 Quinn: The Sweetheart

Michael: The Wild Man

P.S. The peeps at Vista Print are not aware of me or my lil' blog and did nor compensate me to include them... just sayin'.


  1. Whoopee! I'm getting another calendar this year. It wouldn't be Christmas without one!!

    One of the Grandmas....

  2. Yeah, it's not much of a surprise anymore!