Wednesday, November 3, 2010 a bargain!

My family doesn't have a lot of holiday traditions, it makes me a little sad.  There are a couple of reasons we are void of tradition: 1. My hubby works in the Hospitality Industry and typically has to work on the holidays and his days off vary from year to year. 2.We have moved around a bit so it was difficult to start a tradition that required nearby people or geographical events. and 3. We haven't always lived near family. We are fortunate now to live about 15 minutes from my mom, but at times we have lived 8+ hours from anyone we really knew and my hubster's parents are living the good life of retirees in the Sunshine state of FL so they are usually not nearby either.  We do have a few traditions that we have started for various holidays, but there is only one that we have done every year, this year will make our 8th!

Christmas PJ's!  Every year on Christmas Eve, usually before we leave for Mass, our kids get to open one gift.  The gift is always Christmas PJ's that they will where to bed that evening.  The last few years the hubster and I have joined in and got festive in new PJ's as well.  Timing is key in this tradition, too early and you are paying too much for the PJ's, too late and you are left with the not so cut choices, especially since I like my girls to match.  If you join in on the whole Christmas PJ craze head on over to for a super sweet deal, 2 piece PJ's for the whole fam for $7.99 each.  A great price for PJ's!  They have a great selection but it is going to dwindle quick so head over and check it out! At this price, you could start a new tradition for your family this year!

Here is a look at one of our Christmases past:

Hot Holiday Bargains!

With Halloween and the Mid-Term elections behind us it is time to start getting serious about Christmas Shopping! I have made my list ad budget so I am ready for the deals!  They are starting early and will be frequent so don't get caught up too much in the deals and blow your budget!  Make sure it is something that was on your list before dropping the dough on a sale or your budget will explode!

Toys R Us brought back the super Hasbro deal they had last year!
Here's the deatails:
From October 31st - December 31st, 2010 Toys R Us is once again offering their Hasbro Family Game Night rebates!  You can find these rebate forms at most Toys R Us locations! (usually in the game section) You can click HERE then check on page 28 for all the details! 
Also, when you purchase 1 Hasbro Trouble, Twister, Operation, Connect 4, Scrabble, Battleship, Guess Who, Sorry, The Game of Life or Monopoly priced at $10.99, then you get a FREE Chocolate Monopoly or Chocolate Scrabble game!! ($9.99 value)  This discount will automatically be applied at checkout!   PLUS, it's also being reported that when you purchase 2 select Hasbro games (Scrabble, Connect 4, Sorry, Battleship and Monopoly), that you’ll get a FREE $10 Toys R Us gift card!!  It's being reported that there are NO signs for this deal, but that the register is still prompting for the $10 Toys R Us gift card!  So...check out this HOT deal you may be able to get!
  So buy 2 games at $10.99= $21.98
- $6 in Mail in Reabates
- Free Game valued at $10
-Possible $10 Gift Card
= -$4.02!!! A Money Maker!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exercising my civic right to be frugal!

We are blessed to have many freedoms in our country, I hope everyone exercised their civic duty to vote, we have been discussing the elections with our girls so I took them with me to vote, they enjoyed the field trip on their day off.  I am also happy that we have the freedom to be frugal!  A wonderful blog I like to frequent is The Frugal Find, a couple offering their frugal findings and lifestyle.

They are pros! And now, they are offering a great, online class for free!  Yep, you read right, free frugal knowledge! So, head on over to The Frugal Find and start your frugal journey!