Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh wait, I have a coupon for that!

If you hang out with me for 30 seconds or so I am sure that somehow my love for couponing would come up.  I am a addict and fully expect and intervention from my family before the year is over.  Just kidding about the intervention stuff, they love it...I think.  I use a coupon for just about everything, after I make sure that I will be getting the lowest price too.  Almost exactly one year ago my family staked our claim in the Great American Dream and bought our first house, it was and still is very exciting.

Since the day we moved in we have been doing little projects to make this house our home.  Luckily for us, we bought a brand new house so we didn't have to do anything major, whew! We have completed a few projects so far: grown grass on our 3/4 acre yard (way more hard and costly than we thought!), painted 4 rooms, built a swing set, and put in a mosiac tile backsplash. We still have a few things on our list though: first up, a deck, lay a sidewalk out of paver stones, re-paint the remaining rooms...I could go on but I'll spare you. Much to my dismay, home improvements are pricey and we have a limited budget so we are doing things a little at a time.  We are still saving for a new deck and will hopefully reach our goal soon, a whole lot sooner if my hubby would quit making it bigger!

Let me let you in on a little DIY secret, promise you'll only tell your 50 closest friends? Ok, here goes: All the major home improvement stores price match and accept each others coupons! Crazy coupon lady say what?! Yep, you heard me.  When we bought a new mower at Home Depot we sure did use a $50 off Lowes coupon and when we finally save enough for a deck I will be whipping out a 20% off Home Depot coupon at Lowes which will save us HUNDREDS!

No, I didn't bribe employees for these coupons. Some are sent to us but I buy the rest on ebay.
Yep, I bought them! A few weeks ago I purchased 5 of them for $9, I have used 3 and saved over $300 so far! I think it was a good $9 spent! You can buy Lowe's ones too, even cheaper since they are usually 10% off.

So next time the DIY bug bites you make sure you are prepared with a coupon!

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