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Monday, August 30, 2010

Never leave home without them and more deals and steals!!

One thing I learned quickly when I started couponing is the importance of knowing the coupon policy.  It is your rule book! You wouldn't head out onto the football field without knowing the rules, heading out to coupon is like heading out onto the gridiron.  Couponing can be a contact sport, ok...not really but it does involve a great deal of strategy.  

I have found that carrying the "rule book" or store coupon policy with you when you go shopping can be helpful.  I have encountered many a cashier who doesn't know their store's policy.  The stores change them or employees don't take time to learn them.  I fold mine up nice and neat and keep them in my handy dandy coupon organizer.

What's that? You don't want to take the time to go to each website to print them?  No worries, here are some links that should help out! 

I am still working on getting CVS's. 

Two other hot deals from yesterday:
First, did you catch the mail in form on the second page of the P&G insert. Send that puupy in and they will send you some great coupons!
Also, Dollar General has Olay body wash for $2 this week, use the $1 off coupon and you can snag some for a buck!

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