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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do you ebates?

Have you heard of  I hadn't either until about 3 months ago when I read about the website on yahoo. Here is the nitty gritty: Ebates gives you a percentage of cash back on online purchases that you make at selected retailers.  The cash back varies from 1% - 25%, do not adjust your screen, yes it says up to 25% back.
Most of the time, though,  it will be a more modest amount like 2%-4%.  Get in on the action: sign up for an account with, when you sign up you will choose to receive a $10 gift card to select stores or $5 cold hard cash. Since I live in the middle of nowhere and find tons of deals online, I shop online quite a bit so I get a good chunk of change back.
It doesn't cost a dime have an account with Ebates and it is actually really simple: when you are going to make an online purchase instead of going to the store directly instead go to ebates and then search the store.
If the store participates the cash back amount as well as other deals with show up.  Trust me, there are loads of stores that participate:, JC Penny, Gap, Wal-Mart, Kohls...I could go on and on!
In a few short weeks I have earned $8.29 in cash back that I will receive via check next week.  Now, I know,  you may be thinking, she is really excited about $8.  But, $8 can buy a lot : 3 gallons of milk, cereal to last my family for a month (with coupons), 20 pounds of potatoes, 8 Gillette Fusion Razors...again I could go on but will spare you.
Happy saving!

P.S. This week Old Navy is offering 10% back! If you add that to their current offer of free shipping on $50 or more and $10 jeans for kids you could get 5 new pair of jeans for $50 and save $10 ($5 in cach back, $5 in shipping)!

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