Monday, August 2, 2010

DIY: Make a hopscotch area

I had mad hopscotch skills as a kid, I think other 6 year olds were afraid to play me.   My oldest daughter developed a love for hopscotch this past year during first grade, my hopscotch domination was apparently a trait that I failed to pass along to her.  She was bummed when she would lose and mad that she couldn't practice at home since we have a gravel driveway.  My competitive streak reared it's ugly head and I began trying to figure out how I could improve Quinn's game, short of a summer long hopscotch camp.  I knew the key was practice but couldn't come up with a solution for our gravel drive issue.
One Sunday I had a hour to kill so I spent it roaming the garden section of Lowe's when it hit me: paver stones!  I grabbed 10 of the 12'x12' paver stones and a couple cans out outdoor spray paint.  That afternoon my girls and I painted the stones and determined where to place them.  After they were painted I dug out the area we had determined would be the perfect spot to ensure they would be nice and level.  A few hours later our little project was complete and my little princesses hopscotch skills are now stellar, watch out second graders she is going to kick butt and take names.  Whoaaa! There goes that competitive streak again.

Ta da:

I originally used a stencil and spray painted the numbers on but they washed off too easy in the monsoon rains we have had.  Now we use sidewalk chalk, the girls get creative and make funny looking numbers sometimes.
 Here is a close up:

Here is the cost breakdown:
10 pavers at $1.16 each
2 cans of spray paint at $3.50 each
Total = $18.60
The hours of entertainment and  fun they have provided : Priceless!

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  1. This is a great idea. Thanks for the cost break down!