Friday, August 27, 2010

On this day....

My baby took one step closer to her eventual independence.  Today, the child that I carried for nine and a half months, who gave me all day sickness for 4 months, who was born without a peep and with the thickest, black hair I have ever seen.  The child who, at 18 months, put multiple objects up her nose daily resulting in 3 trips to urgent care within a month, and always during DC rush hour traffic. The child who hides her toys every time my best friend comes for fear that we will determine that she is too big and give another one of her toys to my BF's baby. The child who has the biggest blue eyes and loves to say, "I wuv you momma" 30 times a day. That child started preschool today, as much as I have looked forward to this day, it was hard.  There were tears. 

All day, 4 day a week pre-school.  7 hours away from her loving mommy everyday.  She had a great day.  I, on the other hand may need a minute to get over this.  Until then, I'll be looking at this:

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