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Friday, August 13, 2010

DIY: The Write Stuff part 2

Who wouldn't want to jot a quick note on these fun note pads?  I know I do! I am going to have to make myself some ASAP before I use the ones I made for the teachers.  The best part about these, they are super easy to make, seriously, if you have 5 minutes you can whip these up!

First, I started with a standard 5x8 note pad, I scored 3 for a buck at my Dollar General.  Mine are yellow, I wish they were white.  I went to Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart, they didn't have white either so I'll have to stick to yellow.  My friends who live in civilization have told me that at Staples and Office Depot not only do they have white but pastels too.  For all of you who live in a town with more than 1 stop light, you may want to scope those out. 

Step 2, pick a pretty piece of cardstock, do you remember my paper?  It is the same that I used making my Anthropologie knock off letters.  I heart this paper, it is happy yet calming so I like to use it often.  So, after you have selected the piece that makes your heart go all a flutter, trace the notepad on the back side of the paper.  Make sure you that you include a little extra to wrap around for the front.

Now you have a big decision to make: Mod Podge or spray adhesive. Both are good options, the spray make be a bit more sticky and have less likely hood of coming off.  The flip side however, you don't have a whole lot of wiggle room, so you better get it straight the first time!

After you have determined your adhesive weapon of choice, apply it to the back of the note pad and then apply the paper.  You can use a credit card or something with a thin, hard edge to help get it nice and smooth. 
Just give it a few minutes to dry, ya' know, while you catch up on your Jersey Shore or Real Housewives episodes.  When you are finished with this highly intellectual programing you should be ready to write your grocery list, a note or reminder to DVR your shows. 

Next week part 3 will guide you on creating the monogrammed note pad. Have a good weekend : )

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