Thursday, September 16, 2010

Holy Candy Corn!

I have a deep unbridled love for candy corn, not Indian corn or pumpkins, but candy corn.  When the leaves start turning and the footballs start getting hiked I know it is officially candy corn season.  I am not sure when I started to love this pure sugar treat, I do know one of my favorite "everyday moment" memories from college involved candy corn.  Mt friend Jenni and I walked to CVS in the one stop light town where we went to school, no I wasn't using a coupon, this was pre-couponing days.  I spotted a bag of candy corns, the first one I'd seen that fall, back then  (ya' know, 10 years ago) they didn't put Halloween stuff out in August.  Anyhow, I got super excited and pretended to have wet my pants (dramatic much???) and in a loud announcer voice said, "Clean up in aisle 8." It was way funnier if you were there.  A few of my collegiate friends probably just unfriended me on facebook and will pretend to have no idea who I am at Homecoming.

What brought about the long candy corn laced diatribe you are asking?  Easy, candy corn garland:
Photo from tatertots and jello

I saw this bit of awesomeness on a blog I discovered called, Tatertots and Jello. I want this chicka to be my new best friend, (just kiddin' Anne). I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fall decor and want to make it right away.  Two problems: 1. I don't own a sewing machine and have to borrow my mom's.  And 2. I am not sure my mom is still letting me borrow her sewing machine since during the making of the birthday garland my mom realized that I am incompetent and have no idea how to sew.

I am left with option 3: Beg my mom and try to bribe her to sew these babies for me.  That may take a week or two of pleading and I didn't want to hold out on you guys.  So until I resolve my sewing dilemma head on over to Tatertots and Jello and scope it out.  Just remember to come back to me...promise you will.  Ok, see you tomorrow : )

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