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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Birthday Party Breakdown part 2: Fun and Games!

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What would a birthday party be without a little fun and games! We had several fun things that went well with our rockstar themed party. 

I always think it is a good idea to have an activity prepared to do as the kids are arriving, so if a kid from soccer or football doesn't know your child's classmates they won't have to worry about feeling uncomfortable.  This year we made guitars!  I found these cool, decorate your own guitars at Oriental Trading.  At $9.99 a dozen they were reasonably priced and offered a great activity for the kids.

We also had a tattoo parlor, what rockstar doesn't have some ink?  The kids loved running over to get a new tattoo throughout the party. We simply took 2 TV tables, covered them with a sheet and made a sign.  My mom picked up the tattoos and some glitter hair spray at Wal-Mart for a few bucks and my friend Jenny was a trooper sitting there for 2 hours tattooing and glitter spraying  the kids over and over!
Here is our shop:

What's a party without music!  Since we were having a rockstar party we took the music a step further with a karoke machine and stage complete with a red carpet!  I borrowed the karoke machine from my mom, I am still trying to figure out why my mom has a karoke machine by the way.  As for the stage it was a simple DIY: three cinderblocks+ a thick piece of plywood+ a sheet and couple baloons = a rockin' stage:

The red carpet was a $1 red  tablecloth that we cut in half and tacked down. Here are the kids rocking out:

In this picture you can see the bleached shirt we made a few weeks ago for Quinn to wear to the party, remember these.

We weren't sure if the kids would be into it, but the were, BIG TIME! We played Kidz Bop and kid friendly music like Hannah Montana and Jonas.  We had many, many encore performances!  To add to the fun we also bought these inflatable guitars from Oriental Trading and put them in the pink bin near the stage, then each kid took one home!

Speaking of favors, this may be my favorite one ever!  Since Quinn insisted that she was too old to give out favor bags we went a bit different route: CD's.  We downloaded some of Quinn's favorite songs, burned them to CD's ($5.88 for 10 including the case at Walmart), created an album cover and inside song list and handed them out.  It was pretty cheap and the kids loved it,since it wasn't just kiddie songs I think a few adults snagged one too!
Take a look:

So there you have our fun and favors!  The kids enjoyed just running around the yard too, kids will be kids!
Here is the budget breakdown:
Color your own Guitars: $9.99 (but ours were free since a friend had some left over from a event and gave them to us!)
Inflatable Guitars: $9.99
Karoke Machine: Free!
Stage: FREE!
Tattoos : $3
Glitter Spray: $1
CD's $12
I forgot to include the cake supplies from yesterday, since I used a coupon for almost everything I made the huge cake for $8.

Today's total = $43.98
+ $54.69 from yesterday
=98.67! Yah, less than the $100 budget!

Hope you enjoyed birthday week as much as we did!

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