Friday, September 10, 2010

Pillow Fight!

Our living room is home to a big, orange couch. Well, it is more of a burnt orange.  A few years ago we bought it on craigslist for 150 bucks, a steal since it is a sleeper sofa and was only 2 years old and in great shape when we bought it.  I love it, orange and all. 

When I decided to finally buy some throw pillows for our couch I had a vision: I wanted brownish pillows with a orange or turquoise design on them.  In my mind orange and turquoise go well together in small amounts.  After searching a while I couldn't find anything I liked in my budget.  I was sad.  I sat on my big orange couch watching Gilmore Girls re-runs and eating a large bowl of ice cream. 

Ice cream always brings me out of a funk, and on this particular night I believe it was the catalyst for my idea: I'll make pillows.  Now, just so ya' know, I can't sew.  By making my own I meant buying some and then making them what I wanted. After a quick trip to the wal-marts I had my supplies: A plain, brown pillow and fabric paint.

Here is my plain, brown pillow that was a budget friendly $3:

Next, I printed out a flower stencil I found online and then traced it on the pillow.  After a drink to steady my hand I carefully started applying the fabric paint, just kidding about the drink part. Well, probably not, but the life of a stay at home mom can be a trying one. is my masterpiece on my orange couch:

I would have take a picture of the entire couch so you could get a better idea but there was a half naked little person snoozing on the other end when I snapped this.  But, here is a (poor quality because my camera had dust in it) picture from a few months back I took when I was trying to determine if I liked another DIY project I had just finished:

I like my pillows, and since they ended up being less than $4 each I don't worry when my kids throw 'em in the floor and use them for horsies. I also liked the DIY art I made and will probably cover it next week.  Although, I wish now I had gone bolder with my pillows and may one day.  With the magic of photoshop here is a idea of what my pillows may end up looking like:

Whataya think?  Do you like the orange, blue or neither and suggest I need to go buy new pillows?


  1. The blue is striking!!!

  2. I think they both look great!.. You can change them up when you want to.