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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Do you Groupon...all the kids are doing it.

Do you Groupon?  Do you know what a Groupon is?  A Groupon is group coupon, hence a groupon.  The basic premise of this new fangeled money saver is that a restaurant or entertainment venue will agree to offer a discount to a certain number of participants as long as there minimum number is met.  For example, the Zoo of Maryland recently offered admission for $7 (down fom $16) so long as at least 100 people bought the tickets.  The deal went the whole month of July and tickets had to be used by 9/30.

Unfortunately for peeps like me who live in the land of cows, trees and no major cities Groupons are only available in large areas right now.  Each city (over 50 in the US now) will feature a deal of the day, but you can look back at recent deals too.  Here is a looksy at the recent deals in Baltimore, MD (near my hubs family):

As you can see, it clearly states the price and your savings as well the percentage of savings.  If you click on each icon you get a bit more info. After you set up an account with groupon and they learn what you are looking for they will send you recommendations about deals you may be interested in.  Even if you live in the sticks like me, you can cash in on online deals or look at deals when you travel.  Most of my college crew lives in the greater Charlotte area so when I head down there I'll scope that out.  As I mentioned earlier, my hubby's family is in the Baltimore/DC area and his best bud hangs his hat in Pittsburgh...all of which are groupon cities so I'll make sure to log on before we head out for a visit.

You could save tons of money with groupons, head on over and set up an account.  Here is a look at some recent groupons for Charlotte...check out those savings!

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