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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is that really legal!?!!??!!

Sorry for the blogging break and lack of deals and steals this week, out youngest has been super sick so I was too busy being a mom to be a blogger.  Forgive me and it won't happen again...or until we are hit with the flu, strep throat, chicken pox, or any other illness that requires lots of mommy love : )

In case you didn't know I live in a small area, the kind of place where you see 15 people you know in Wal-Mart and you are "new" unless you are a 3rd generation resident.  The last 10-15 years have seen a lot of growth in my little county, a Wal-Mart, couple new restaurants....we are even getting a Sheetz! Recently, I noticed a lot of work going on in a vacant building and got excited, we were getting a new store!!

I had great hopes for a craft store or maybe a small Panera Bread (a girl can hope can't she), I just knew it would be something great! I was really disappointed last week to learn that it was a Rent-To-Own furniture store...seriously!  This is the last thing that we needed.  Another place for people to go buy things they don't need and can't afford.  Then, to top it off yesterday in the weekly newspaper (yep, a weekly paper!) there was an ad for the new store.  It was disgusting to look at their rates, I can't believe it is legal!!!

A few examples:
An Ashley living room set (couch, chair, tables and lamp) $39.99/ week (104 weeks) or $159.99/month (2 years) = $4160 total on the weekly option or $3840 on the yearly.  You could get a comparable set for about $1200 at Big Lots!

Next, an HP mini netbook, $14.99/ week (78 weeks) or $54.99/month (18 months) = $1170 for weekly and a bargain price of $1080 monthly.  This same computer is at for $288. About a 75% mark up!!

You could also strike a deal to pay $600 for a $170 ipod or  over a grand for a USED Playstation 3. But, I am sure that at their Grand Opening this weekend there will be tons of people lining up to get these "great deals".

I am sure none of my super savvy readers are foolish enough to even set foot in any of those place but I thought I'd open your eyes a bit this morning in case you were considering it.

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  1. The really lbad thing about it is we already have two rent to own stores in town. How many does one (small) town really need?