Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Extreme money saving tatics!

Like many families, my family has been trying to save a few bucks.  We try to have a meatless meal at least once a week, I always shop sales, use coupons and buy most of my kids clothes used.  Monday I read an article on yahoo about extreme money saving techniques.

The people in this article go dumpster diving, take ketchup packets from restaurants so they don't have to buy it (SERIOUSLY!!! how much ketchup do these people eat?!?!!!??),  and don't eat regular meals.  That is where I draw the line, I need to eat or I get grouchy...really grouchy!

Some people had good tips though, like packing a picnic lunch when traveling or searching for lost golf balls while golfing. Those seem like doable ideas. I read some of the comments from the article too, one person mentioned taking his laptop, ipod, cell phone and other portable devices to Starbucks to charge them...again, that seems extreme to me.

What are some of the money saving ideas you have tried??

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