Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fill 'er up!

According to AAA 9 billion people will be traveling this Labor Day weekend.  Well, not really, it will just seem like that when my family hits I-495 at rush hour tomorrow on our way to my hubster's old stomping grounds, Annapolis, MD.  We will be loading up the SUV with kids, suitcases, snacks and enough entertainment options to make the at least 5 hour trip bearable.

I am a planner.  I like to plan the minute we will leave (2:23 when our kiddos bounce off the bus), when and where we'll eat (for this trip probably somewhere around Cumberland, MD around 5:30 ish), rest stops and where we will get gas for the trip.  Yes, I am a bit type A and like to plan it all out.

Now, you fly by the seat of your pants peeps can quit scoffing, a little planning can be beneficial and cost effective.  For one, I can scope out restaurants in the area we want to eat and find restaurant coupons.  I can also figure out where the cheapest gas is before the first "She's looking at me" fight even starts.

Enter! With this site you can search gas prices by area, state or major city.  You can also view a map of the entire US to see where gas is the cheapest. With the trip planner feature I was able to enter my start and end point and some details about my car and find out where the cheapest gas is along the way and about how much the trip will cost us. For example, gas is about 20 cents cheaper per gallon in Cumberland than our town, so we will only buy enough to get us there.  It is also an additional ten cents cheaper in Annapolis so we will be sure to have a full tank before we head home.

If you are traveling this weekend for a last summer hurrah, a beach trip (although Earl may have ended those plans on the East Coast), or maybe you are heading to Touchdown city to cheer on the Mountaineers, make sure you check out Gas Buddy first!

Safe Travels!

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