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Monday, September 13, 2010

Things I Love: cleaning products!

Most people spring clean, not me, I fall clean.  It makes more since, just hear me out: if you have kiddos they are back in school and your house is likely to stay cleaner longer.  If you don't have kids....well how does your house get dirty if you don't have kids, at this point I can't imagine a kid-less exhistance? You are probably wondering why I feel like I should write about my preferred cleaning products on a blog about frugal living, a couple of reasons: 1. There have been more than a few studies that show  people with clean and uncluttered houses (and lives) are happier and less likely to bust the bank with retail therapy. Reason #2, why waste money on products that don't work.  I pride myself in having a clean house but with 2 messy kids, a husband, and a crazy with a capital "C" dog it isn't an easy task. So here are a few tools that help keep cleaning time to a minimum and allow for maximum facebooking time. 

Drum roll please.......First up: Shark Floor Sweeper:

I use this baby about 437 times a day...did I mention the 2 kids and dog I have?   I used to be a loyal Swiffer Sweeper user and then I discovered this gem.  It has a rechargeable battery that has great battery life and really powerful motor along with an easy to empty dust cup.  This lifesaver works on hard floors, area rugs and even on carpet for small jobs.  It may or may not,  but probably is used to clean up the following things on a regular basis: crumbs, dog hair, rice, dropped chips that get crushed, dog hair, cereal, dog food, grass, dirt, small rocks and pebbles, sidewalk salt in the winter months, dog hair, shredded cheese and occasionally dog hair. It has handled all these like a champ and after 2+ years is still going strong. You can find em' at Wal-Mart, Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, don't let the $59 price tag deter you, it is worth every penny!

Now that you have a crumb free floor you may want to give it a good warshin', I prefer to use this:

The Shark Steam Mop.  This was actually my first Shark product, it was love at first use!  I had seen the infomercial and couldn't resist when I met this gal at Wal-Mart one day 2 years ago.  Not only is it super easy to use, but it doesn't leave a sticky residue like my Wet Jet did. And, all you need to get going is water!  A few pumps of the handle produces steam which seems to clean about everything my kids have ever managed to get on the floor, plus I have no worries about harmful chemicals for my munchkins or dog; the 5 second rule is in full effect in this house. It comes with 2 microfiber clothes that you just throw in the washer to clean.  I am not joking when I say that you will be shocked to see how clean it gets your floor, especially the first time when that clean white cloth looks black afterward!  This gal has been apart of the fam for 2 years, I also bought one for my mom (nothing says love like a cleaning product) and convinced my Mother-in-Law and 2 BF's (best friends not boyfriends) to scrub their floors with it too.  There is a newer model out there now, it has more bells and whistles but this one serves me just fine!

To complete my floor cleaning trio: The Shark Vacuum. Do you see a theme here?

I got this beaut last fall and haven't been disappointed.  I wanted a Dyson but I couldn't handle the $450 price tag. After being in love with my other two Shark products and with a 60 day money back guarantee behind me I decided to try it.  The suction on this is unbelievable!  Here is what the ad says are the best features: "21 cyclones that never clog and never lose suction. At less than 15 pounds, the vacuum is a breeze to maneuver around toys and furniture. The Navigator power nozzle makes quick work of pet hair from carpets, and, at 12" wide, fits into tight space for complete cleaning. Its powerful 2-motor system with brush roll shut off provides deep carpet and superior bare floor cleaning"
It is super light and easy to maneuver, and I couldn't live without the pet hair brush, our dog has yet to acknowledge that I don't allow him on the couch. The filters are washable and never need replaced, and are easy to pop out and wash.  In the year we have had it I have probably use it and average of 5 times a week and have not been disappointed one bit.  It rings up around $180 but that is still a good bit less than the Dyson.

The last cleaning product I'd trade a kid for is Swiffer Dust and Shine Spray:

With tons of dark wood and a gravel road that runs adjacent to our yard I dust a everyday. I love this stuff, first off, the lavender vanilla smells so good I forget I'm cleaning which is always a good thing. It also won't leave residue or build up behind like some of it's dust spray cousins. Like any good dust spray should it  leaves everything nice and shiny. In my opinion it is far superior to Pledge,  it's also only about $3 a can and I get coupons for it often so I don't mind being brand loyal.

Do you have a cleaning product you can't live without?

P.S. The folks at Shark nor Swiffer have any idea who I am, they don't know 'bout my little 'ole blog or my obsession with their products. I am not being compensated in any way to endorse or recommend these products....I really just love them.  That will conclude the legal portion of today's post.  I'm going grab my ipod, throw on some  Jay Z and go clean something now, it is Monday which means my brats urrrr...I mean angels had 2 full days to makes messes.

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  1. You would be shocked if you knew how much more you clean than I do, from the sounds of it.