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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Candy Corn topiaries

In case you missed it, I LOVE candy corn!  It is my favorite candy, one of my childhood buds even sent me some candy corn shampoo from Philosophy.It is glorious and intoxicating, it makes my morning shower routine so much happier. Somewhere I saw these wonderful candy corn topiaries and fell in love, I knew they must be made and added to my Halloween decor, so without further ado here is the process of making them.

Here are the necessary supplies:
Styrofoam balls, I went with 3 inch
a dowel rod, painted however you desire
yellow and black spray paint
jelly or mason jars or small metal buckets
candy corn, Indian corn, black and orange jelly beans or gumdrops
Hot glue gun

Step 1:
Spray paint your Styrofoam balls yellow and paint your dowel rods with whatever color or pattern you'd like. If you are using glass jars go ahead and drill a hole in the lid then spray paint those as well, I went with black.

Step 2:
Attach the candy corn or other candy, I found the best way is to put a blob of glue and then quickly put the candy corn on.  You might want to have a bowl of water handy for burnt fingers

Step 3: Place them in a jar or bucket, I used some floral foam to help secure them a bit and added some cotton balls to hide the foam.

Here they are in our living room:

A closer view:

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