Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm a green??

Do you ever sit and look at a wall of a room in your house and wonder what color you should paint?  My hubby and I rented for MANNNNNYYYY years and became very used to and tired of boring white walls.  For years we would talk about what colors we wanted to paint our house, ok...I would talk, he would listen and nod along.  Last winter when we did our mini makeover (read about part of it here) we added some color to our boring walls.

Since our house has a very open floor plan the main color had to be something colorful enough to make me happy yet neutral enough to go with the colors of 4 rooms: family room, dining room, kitchen and living room.
We went with a brown called "Crunchy Granola", it's perfect and we get lots of compliments on it.  The other colors are our brown/black/white/tan back splash, Mediterranean Spice (a darkish orange) and Slice of Lemon,  a bright yellowish gold that people love or hate.  Some other colors in our house are chocolate brown and  light green as well as some pink in the kiddos rooms.  We plan to add a little blueish color this winter after we decided how to repaint our bathroom.

My reason for explaining all the colors in our house?  Of course, Better Home and Gardens color quiz!  I took it and got a green.  Green? Seriously, green.  I am not a huge fan of all.  Brown, blue, orange, yellow, RED...lots of colors...but I got green.  I was a little shocked, but what do I know.

 If you want, head on over to BGH and take it yourself.  What did you get???


  1. Took the test and I'm a yellow which is fine because I like that color.

  2. I got green and I HATE green! My fave is Purple and all its shades.
    Oh, and I'd go with the blue for the bathroom.