Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DIY art!

I like pretty things, pretty art, pretty pictures, pretty accessories,  they all make me smile and feel happy.  The problem is pretty things don't always...ok, rarely ever, fit in my budget.  I know that art is an "investment"  but since I am not buying a Mona Lisa anytime soon I don't think the type of art I would be buying is necessarily an investment so I just can't justify spending big bucks on it.

This winter we did a mini makeover of our house, painting, new tile backsplash and a re-do of our kitchen island bead board.  During the design phase of the project, which consists of me showing my hubby paint chips and tile samples until his eyes glass over, I saw a set of pictures I loved on a website.  It was a set of 4, they were large squares and represented the seasons. I quickly developed a deep love for them, then I saw that they rang up at $495 plus shipping!!!! Whoa! That is more than we spent for the entire makeover. After a exhaustive search I realized that I wasn't going to find anything I liked in our budget.

Of course, I decided to make some. My interior design training (ya know, the 87 hours of HGTV per week) taught me that they needed to have height, be a set of 3 or 4 or something really long.  I thought about painting something but them remembered that I had to steal one of my best buds coloring sheet in Kindergarten just to get a good job sticker so I ruled that out.  Sheer luck would have it that later that day I saw this idea, cover plywood in fabric and call it I did!

First I got 3 scrap pieces of plywood cut to the same size, 10 x 35.  Then I wrapped them in batting and used a big staple gun to secure it.  Next, I wrapped them in fabric and stapled it in place on the back and added a picture hanging thingama bob.

I wish I had found a different fabric, I am not sure what I wanted but it wasn't quite this.  I wanted it to have black and white and some turquoise.  If I ever see a fabric that better strikes my fancy I will simply recover these babies.

Here is a look at the entire room:

And the couch area with my "art" work...sorry for the nasty glare:

Total cost: $12! So, if I decide to change them it isn't a big deal!

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