Friday, October 22, 2010

Cute Halloween candy gift

Who doesn't like candy?  No one, everyone loves it!  Especially the over-worked and underpaid peeps in the public school system.  The other day we gave a little Halloween gift to some of the staff at my kids school. Everyone loves a surprise gift and then when my oldest forgets her milk money (AGAIN!!) someone will kindly spot her 30 cents for her lunch time calcium fix.  Although, since the teachers at my kids school are super great they would spot her the 30 cents anyway.  But every now and the I like to show 'em how much we love them, so we whipped up these cuties:

 and these too:

What's that? I shouldn't try to bribe teachers and it sets the wrong example for my kids... Nope, because we bribe the principal too!  These were super easy to make here I'll explain it in 5 easy steps:

1. Find an empty fruit or veggie can.  It is also ok to search for expired (quit judging) or gross (why would my hubby buy canned spinach) stuff and dump it.  Then rinse the can out really good! Go ahead and drill a couple small holes in the sides too.  You can do it, it wasn't hard.

2. Use glue dots or glue to adhere the paper you've cut to size.  Use something Halloweeny or orange (for a pumpkin) or white (for a ghost). If you go the pumpkin or ghost route, cut out a face from some black paper too.

3. Use pipe cleaner to make a handle.  Tie a knot on the inside of each side to keep it secure.

4. Head over to Sherbet Blossom to print out a super cute and free tag!

5. Fill 'er up with is acceptable to use leftover candy from the 87 fall festival parades that have gone on in your small town over the last month, if ya' know anyone that fits that description.  Or hit up the Dollar Tree...whatever floats your boat!

And now you have a cute (and cheap) gift to bestow upon someone.  You can also feel all good inside because you are Upcycling the can.

Total cost: $3 for 6! But I had the paper, pipe cleaner and may or may not but probably did use some of the aforementioned parade candy.

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