Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Fun: Make your own cookbook

Last week I used some leftover marinara sauce to make a baked ziti, which turned out pretty yummy.  As we were cleaning up my oldest daughter, Quinn, looked at me with her most serious face and asked, "Mom, when I get bigger will you give me this recipe?"  The fact that she thought a simple dinner required a detailed recipe only added to the swell of pride I felt in that moment. Later when my girls were all tucked in I started searching the internet for a make-your-own family cookbook.

Somehow I ran accross Muffins and Mayhem, from what I gather, a mother who had learned she had cancer wanted to preserve family recipes for her young kids if something should happen.  It became part cookbook, part memior.  Several years later and cancer free, a published cookbook and website were under her belt. 

So, this is where we come in, the website Muffins and Mayhem allows you to creat your own cookbook for free. Yes, I said free! This great site allows you to create your own family cookbook adding recipes, stories, pictures, the whole nine yards.  You can even create a cover.  After your cookbook is complete you can print it at home or take it to Kinko's or any of the office copy stores to have it printed professionally and even bounded. 

What a great idea! I can't wait to get my recipes together and uploaded.  What a special gift to be able to give your children! And since it is free you know it fit's my budget!!

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